Dr. Devanshi Shah

(M.B.B.S., M.S., D.N.B., F.N.E.R.F., F.R.C.S. Glasgow)


Dr. Devanshi Shah has a strong academic background and expertise. She has done her M.S. Ophthalmology from M.P. Shah Medical College, Jamnagar. She topped her University exam in 2014 and obtained a gold medal. She believes that Hard work + Dreams + Dedication = SUCCESS!

Dr. Devanshi Shah receiving her Oculoplasty Fellowship Certificate
Dr. Devanshi Shah receiving her Oculoplasty Fellowship Certificate from Nagri Eye Research Foundation

She then pursued her long term fellowship in Oculoplasty at the prestigious Nagri Eye Research Foundation and Municipal Hospital, Ahmedabad, India under the guidance of Dr.Nitin Trivedi, Head of Oculoplasty Department. It was the perfect blend – developing good patient care ettiquete, clinical skills, and moulding into a fine Oculoplastic surgeon. In the period of one year, she assisted and operated on more than 600 surgeries under supervision covering every aspect of Oculoplasty from lid, lacrimal, and orbital surgeries, to oncology, trauma, and aesthetics.

Dr. Devanshi Shah presenting at All India Ophthalmology Conference, 2017

At various conferences and clinical meets, she has presented her academic work, some of which are:

  • Surgical Management of Lymphedema
  • Beomycin Sclerotherapy for Lymphangioma
  • Canalicular Repair Laceration with Minimonaka Stent

During her period of fellowship, she was also an Honorary Lecturer at Nagri School of Optometry, Ahmedabad and would conduct lectures once a week along with their scheduled clinics.

She says, “Teaching is a two way process, and the one that teaches also learns more.”

Dr. Devanshi Shah with Dr. Goldberg during her observership at Stein Eye Institue, UCLA, US in 2018

The will to provide more to her patients landed her in pursuing a short term fellowship under Dr. Milind Naik, head of the Oculoplastic Department at LVPEI, Hyderabad in 2017 and under Dr. Goldberg, UCLA, Los Angeles, USA in 2018.

She has started working in Mumbai as an Oculoplastic Surgeon since November 2016. Her area of interest include eyelid, lacrimal, orbital surgeries, trauma, and ocular aesthetics. Her thirst for knowledge does not end here. She cleared the prestigious exam of FRCS (Fellowship of Royal Colleges of Surgeons) Glasgow, UK in November 2019.

Putting everything she’s learned and built on the ethos of “Happy Healthcare”, Dr. Devanshi Shah opened a state-of-the-art Deevine Eye Care & Multispeciality Clinic in the heart of Mumbai in 2022.