Best Entropion Treatment in Mumbai

Best Entropion Treatment in Mumbai

A speck of irritant in or around your eye will undoubtedly cause you to respond in some way; this demonstrates how sensitive the eyes are. This becomes even more troublesome when you have something that permanently irritates your eyes. Such circumstances will necessitate treatment, and this brings us to the topic of this blog about the best entropion treatment or lower eyelid surgery treatment in Mumbai. Entropion treatment is a therapeutic intervention aimed at rectifying entropion, a condition in which the eyelid (usually lower) is abnormally turned inward. This disorder causes keratoconjunctivitis because the affected area of the eyelid skin gets red and the eyelashes rotate inward.

Types of Entropion

There are three types of entropion that have been reported so far:

Congenital entropion:

The pretarsal skin roll that is present along the border of the eyelashes rotates inward, causing congenital entropion, a developmental abnormality.

Involutional entropion:

There are several things that lead to involutional entropion, such as the lower eyelid retractors pulling away from the inferior tarsal border, the eyelid being loose in the horizontal plane, and the natural shrinking, which makes it move.

Cicatricial entropion:

The inferior tarsus and conjunctiva are the sites of an infection or scarring that results in cicatricial entropion. It can result in posterior lamella shortening and fibrosis. Burns, trauma, and even surgical treatments that damage the integrity of the eyelid’s curve have all been associated with cicatricial entropion.

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Symptoms of Entropion

The following symptoms and signs are typically present with entropion:

  1. Excessive flow of tear
  2. Crusting of the eyelids
  3. Eye discharge with mucous
  4. Hazy vision
  5. The appearance of redness in the eyes
  6. Light sensitivity

How do I get entropion treatment?

  • As is customary when attempting any surgery, you will need to consult with a surgeon at a nearby clinic. An oculoplastic surgeon should attend to your situation in the context of entropion repair, and he or she will attempt to learn about your medical history. In general, you will be asked questions about your previous health condition(s), as well as the state of your eye and other components of the eye.
  • You will be asked to submit information on the medications you have been taking. You should think about taking these medications with you. You should strive not to leave out any details, and you should feel free to ask the attending surgeon any questions you have.
  • The surgeon will then have you undergo certain clinical evaluations, including particular photos of your eyelids and face, to help the surgeon further analyze your situation. An ocular examination will also be performed. Once it is determined that you are healthy enough to have entropion repair surgery, the surgeon will set a date for the procedure.
  • It is recommended that you cease using specific drugs two weeks before the procedure, such as aspirin-containing pharmaceuticals, blood-thinning drugs, anti-inflammatory drugs, and anticoagulants. The surgeon will go over this with you in further detail and even go over the stages involved in the operation that will be conducted on you. The surgeon will go over the benefits and potential risks of the chosen procedure with you.

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Entropion Treatment in Mumbai

  • Entropion is treated using a variety of methods and protocols, ranging from the most basic to the most complex.
  • Entropion patients can potentially benefit from Botulinum Toxin Type-A (BoNT-A) injections. The mechanism of action of the BoNT-A injection is that it weakens the muscles responsible for the inward rotation of the eyelid, causing the lid to be more relaxed. To maintain a positive outcome, these injections must be administered every three months.

Surgical Entropion Repair Procedure

Surgical methods continue to be the preferred type of treatment for entropion because they ensure a long-term (positive) outcome. However, you should be aware that, as you age, changes that may compromise the functionality of your eyes may occur. Several entropion repair treatments have been defined and, to varying degrees, used. Three of these procedures are briefly outlined below:

Lateral tarsal strip treatment:

The lateral tarsal strip operation is a very effective eyelid tightening intervention. Markings will be made along the lateral area where the lower and upper eyelid edges meet. The anesthesiologist then comes around to provide local anesthesia to numb the surgical area, and the surgeon continues by making an incision across the outer corner of the eye to allow access to the tendon. The tendon is subsequently stretched to achieve the shortening degree required for adequate eyelid tension, and the surgeon then proceeds to shorten the lateral tarsal strip. Trimming has taken place on the anterior lamellar flap that resulted from the dissection. The tendon is then suspended at the outer corner of the lower eyelid, and the incision is closed with layers of dissolvable stitches. The surgical site is subsequently cleansed, and the surgeon applies an eye patch. However, there are times when the surgeon may choose to use the everting suture protocol, which is outlined below, to supplement the lateral tarsal strip surgery for a better outcome.

Everting suture procedure:

This is a simple technique that may be completed in the surgeon’s office in a matter of minutes. The surgeon will have the patient lie down while numbing drops are applied to the operative area. After that, he or she inserts dissolvable sutures into the eyelid to turn it outward and hold it (the eyelid) in place, preventing the eyelashes from irritating the eye.

Quickert method:

The quickert method, also known as “double-armed full-thickness everting sutures,” has been shown to be effective in treating involutional entropion and is also used when entropion is reoccurring. Following anaesthesia, the oculoplastic surgeon will make an incision across the eyelid border and then the ends of the eyelids before excising superfluous tissues. The severed ends are then reattached with a dissolvable double-arm suture. The eyelid margin and incision are then sutured in the appropriate order with dissolvable and non-dissolvable sutures. However, it should be noted that, while the Quickert technique addresses the internally rotated eyelid, it does not address the horizontal slackness seen in situations of involutional entropion.

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Entropion Treatment: Post-Operative Care

  • At Deevine Eye Care & Multispeciality Centre, our oculoplastic surgeon will provide you with a prescription that may include antibiotics and steroidal ointment.
  • You should avoid having your eyelids wet following the procedure.
  • You should avoid having your eyelids wet following the procedure.
  • The eye patch that was applied to the afflicted eye will be removed one to two weeks after surgery.
  • When you want to remove the patch before the time limit, you should wash your hands completely and keep a clean environment.
  • You should avoid severe physical workouts for the time being, most likely for the following 2–3 weeks after the operation.
  • You should avoid wearing eye make-up and exposing your face to the sun to aid your recuperation.
  • For a few weeks, alcohol should also be avoided.

How Much Does Entropion Treatment Cost in Mumbai?

Given that you will need to pursue additional therapies in addition to entropion repair to achieve a satisfactory result, the real cost will primarily depend on the severity of the patient’s illness as well as the number of treatments chosen. However, other factors, such as the distance between your home and the clinic, a possible hospital stay, and the length of the follow-up session, will incur additional costs.

Get the Best Entropion Treatment in Mumbai

Carried out by a team of oculoplastic surgeon in Ghatkopar like Dr. Devanshi Shah, entropion treatment at Deevine Eye Care & Multispeciality Centre ensures unparalleled restorative benefits for its patients and can provide you with quality entropion repair. From diagnosis to post-operative follow-up, we take the responsibility to ensure that you are satisfied with the outcome, both in terms of functioning and aesthetics.