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Early Detection of Glaucoma

Despite glaucoma’s status as a major cause of blindness, the idea that many individuals may be unaware they have the disease is frightening. Nearly 50% of glaucoma patients are unaware they have the condition. Reason being, early stages of glaucoma usually do not manifest with symptoms. Why It’s Critical to Identify Glaucoma Early? Elevated intraocular […]

Facts About Lasik Eye Surgery in India!

When it comes to healthcare, the onus is on specialists and doctors to give the public the facts about a disease and the treatment options available for it. 9 Must-Know Facts About Lasik Eye Surgery in India LASIK Surgery Does Not Last LASIK does not lose its effectiveness over time. Laser vision correction has long-lasting […]

Best Entropion Treatment in Mumbai

A speck of irritant in or around your eye will undoubtedly cause you to respond in some way; this demonstrates how sensitive the eyes are. This becomes even more troublesome when you have something that permanently irritates your eyes. Such circumstances will necessitate treatment, and this brings us to the topic of this blog about […]