Facts About Lasik Eye Surgery in India

Facts About Lasik Eye Surgery in India!

When it comes to healthcare, the onus is on specialists and doctors to give the public the facts about a disease and the treatment options available for it.

9 Must-Know Facts About Lasik Eye Surgery in India

LASIK Surgery Does Not Last

LASIK does not lose its effectiveness over time. Laser vision correction has long-lasting effects. But it won’t stop the onset of glaucoma or other age-related eye issues. This is due to the fact that laser eye surgery (LASIK) improves both near-and far-sightedness by modifying the cornea.

Lasik Surgery is Excruciatingly Painful

The LASIK procedure typically does not cause any discomfort. Although you may feel some pressure at various points in the process, it will not be constant. In order to make surgery more comfortable, numbing drops are administered. A little over-the-counter pain medicine can do the trick when you’re stuck at home.

Healing After LASIK Surgery Takes a Long Time

No, in fact, an improvement in your vision is noticeable immediately after the operation is finished. Thanks to technological advancements, a full recovery now takes less than 24 hours, when it used to take around 72 hours.

LASIK Only Corrects Nearsightedness

Wrong. Today, LASIK can correct a wide range of refractive errors, including hyperopia (farsightedness) and astigmatism.

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LASIK Procedure is Very Risky

The risk of serious complications following LASIK surgery is incredibly minimal, with studies showing a rate of less than 1%. A serious infection is approximately 180 times more likely to occur after using contact lenses compared to after LASIK. Only dry eyes and glare may persist after surgery; however, these side effects typically fade away within a few months.

LASIK is Not a Reliable Surgical Procedure

The success rate of LASIK surgery is extremely high, and it has been utilized extensively for more than 25 years. LASIK has surpassed all other refractive surgical procedures in popularity. Problems with LASIK are becoming less common as a result of therapy innovations driven by technological advancements.

You Think You Are Too Old for Lasik

The only real age limit for LASIK is 18, although most surgeons recommend waiting until then because that’s when most people achieve stable prescriptions.

The LASIK surgery does not have an upper age limit. Many people in their forties, fifties, and sixties are perfect candidates for LASIK since their eyes are healthy. On the other hand, LASIK candidacy and age do tend to go hand in hand. Age increases the likelihood of developing LASIK-incompatible eye diseases like macular degeneration, glaucoma, and cataracts.

LASIK is not Expert Dependent

Contrary to popular belief, the laser is effective regardless of the doctor’s credentials. A lot depends on the surgeon’s expertise and experience, as it does with any medical operation. Due to their complexity, the laser systems must be customized for each patient prior to treatment. The success of the operation and the quality of the pre- and post-operative treatment depend on the surgeon’s skill.

LASIK is Unaffordable

The actuality is that the price of LASIK eye surgery in India has dropped considerably due to technological advancements and the procedure’s rising popularity. You can make LASIK more affordable by taking advantage of the many financing alternatives that are available, in addition to insurance coverage.


Now that you know what to expect from the LASIK surgery, we hope you’ll do your part to refrain from spreading false information and that you’ll feel at ease proceeding with the procedure.

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