Ptosis eye surgery for clear vision and better appearance

Ptosis eye surgery for clear vision and better appearance

The presence of droopy eyelids also known as Ptosis, might have an impact on one’s visual field and also giving rise to aesthetically unpleasant look. Ptosis can lead to a tired and fatique look. At Deevine Eye Care & Multispeciality Centre, we take care of the dual benefits of eyelid surgery for ptosis, which encompasses the restoration of visual field and the enhancement of a more rejuvenated appearance.

What does Ptosis look like?

Ptosis, also known as blepharoptosis, is a medical condition characterized by the drooping of the upper eyelid, exhibiting a spectrum of severity, ranging from mild to severe. It has the potential to impact either one or both of the eyes or one eyelid can be affected more than the other. In severe case it can completely obstruct the visual axis affecting the daily routine of the patient.

The occurrence of ptosis in children is usually of a congenital nature. It can be genetically predisposed or hereditary. More commonly they are associated with other eye conditions, such as squint, amblyopia and other abnormal movements of face. (eg. Jaw winking phenomenon)

In case of adults, most common cause of ptosis is due to the natural process of aging.

Sometimes it can be associated with excess skin, orbital fat prolapse or lacrimal gland prolapse.

Factors Responsible for Ptosis

Most common cause of ptosis is age related or congenital. Sometimes ptosis can be acquired following trauma, nerve palsy or rare conditions like Myasthenia Gravis.

Drooping of the eyelid muscle can also be mechanical in exceptional instances due to the presence of cysts, tumors, or other illnesses of the upper eyelid.

At our clinic, the ophthalmologist will assess the etiology of ptosis through a comprehensive preoperative evaluation, which includes a thorough ocular examination and the analysis of imaging studies and laboratory findings.

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Treatment of Ptosis

Most of the Droopy eyelid are treated with a surgical procedure besides some rare conditions which are treated medically.

In children sometimes ptosis correction surgery is undertaken as early as 1 year of age also, if its threatening the vision. In adults ptosis correction can give you back the confidence you lack due to the droopy eyelids and fatigue tired appearance and restore your vision as well.

Ptosis surgery is typically performed on an outpatient basis and a reasonably uncomplicated procedure. Local anesthetic is administered to patients.

Most common ptosis surgery is the levator muscle surgery where the oculoplastic surgeon takes a hidden upper eyelid crease incision. Following the identification of the levator muscle accountable for elevating the eyelid. The surgeon tightens the muscle as required. Subsequently, the surgical incision is meticulously sutured back with fine sutures following plastic surgery principles.

The surgical procedure for ptosis effectively reinstates the individual’s visual field and social confidence. When one’s eyelids are not drooping, their appearance tends to be more rejuvenated and radiant.

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